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August 29, 2011 / lindakcampos

If at first you don’t succeed…

I was coming home today, driving through a residential area when I saw a man walking on the sidewalk just ahead of a little boy who was on a little bike, a two-wheeler with training wheels on the back. The traffic light turned red so as I waited for the light to change I watched this little boy struggle to learn how to ride this thing. His feet wouldn’t stay on the peddles, he tried to peddle while turning the handle bars and struggled to keep the bike straight, but he kept trying. He really wasn’t going anywhere, but he was really making quite an effort to get his bike moving. I wanted to roll down my window and cheer him on, but I thought it would scare him. He wasn’t noticing anyone else anyway. He was busy learning to ride his bike. It’s amazing that once we learn to ride a bike, read, play an instrument, swim, or drive a car we never forget, and we never really have to struggle to learn how to do it again. Isn’t that awesome! In this post I wrote about not being too old to learn new things. I’m trying to think of the last time I learned “how” to do something. I think it’s been too long and I’m going to challenge myself to learn something. Maybe I’ll pick up my guitar that’s been sitting “over there” for….a long time. Maybe I’ll learn how to knit or crochet. What is something you want to learn how to do? You might struggle at first, but don’t give up. I’m sure that little boy finally got to where he was going and I’m sure he’ll do it again.


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