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August 28, 2011 / lindakcampos

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

is a good lesson that I for one tend to forget and need to be reminded often. Today I met a man at Starbuck’s who, when I sat down next to him, I did not intend to meet. I like to meet people and hear their stories, but today I just wanted to sit and do my homework. As I sat down he began asking me about my laptop. He then proceeded to tell me about his life, his travels, and various places around the world where he has lived. When I first glanced at him I noticed an older man, sort of unkempt, hovering over his laptop, looking as if he wanted to be left alone and that he would be annoyed by me sitting next to him. I’m not sure where those, almost, immediate (and stereotypical) ideas came from. I didn’t expect to be talking to him at all. I did, however, enjoy our conversation. As he described living in Brazil for a number of years and how Brazilian Portuguese is different from the language spoken in Portugal; his visits to Australia and New Zealand, China and all over Europe; I was pleasantly surprised and enlightened. He was nothing like the person I had imaged him to be, at first glance. Not judging others by what we see is something we have probably all heard at one time or other and it’s something we instill in our kids. Why is it so easy to forget? I, for one, want to work on not forming immediate judgements about others and get to know people I cross paths with. After all, if I don’t look past a disheveled cover, I may miss out on a really good story.


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