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August 13, 2011 / lindakcampos

90 years young

I was making a special dinner last night and needed to run to the store for just a few items. I was in kind of a hurry when I approached the checkout area and all of the registers had lines. I took my place in one of them when an elderly woman came up behind me. She had a walker with her two tote bags strapped to either side of it where she had placed her groceries. I offered for her to go ahead of me and she refused. So I placed my items on the conveyer when it was my turn and we proceeded to talk. She spoke of the children in the next line over and began to tell me about how she had given birth to twins and hadn’t even known she was having twins until she delivered them! “In my day”, she said, “they didn’t have ultrasound, so we didn’t know. We had to go out and get another crib and everything! Boy, was my husband surprised!” She then went on to tell me she was 90 years old and she had lost her husband when her children were 14. As I finished placing my groceries on the belt, I put a divider up for her things. The man behind her began to unload his bottles of alcohol and his twelve packs when I stopped him and explained that she was next. She turned to him and said “I said she could go ahead of me, but I’m not letting you go ahead.” He removed his bottles and put them back in his basket and quietly waited his turn. Our brief encounter left me wondering about this woman’s life. The stories she must have to tell!


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